Recirculation Systems in Temecula, CA

Recirculation systems are an innovative way to deliver hot water to fixtures throughout your home or business, without having to wait for water to get hot. Recirculation systems use a pump to move water from your water heater to the fixtures.

Traditional recirculation systems use a small pump and a dedicated return line that runs from the furthest fixture in the house back to the water heater. This “hot water loop” will always be hot when the pump is running so when you turn on a fixture the hot water is instantly hot. You can install timers and thermostats to control the operating time of the pump.

There are now several retrofit recirculation systems that use the cold water lines to act as the return line. These new systems allow us to provide the convenience of hot water recirculation at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Recirculation systems can be activated by manually pressing a button to get that hot water when you need it, or you can program a thermostat, timer or motion sensor.

These systems are designed to provide hot water, instantly, to every fixture, no matter how far away from the water heater.

When controlled manually or automatically, recirculation systems reduce the amount of hot water wasted, although if the system operates continuously, the systems could have the exact opposite effect and use significantly more energy used while pumping the hot water.

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